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Dye Penetrant Testing:

Dye Penetrant Testing is a visual NDT service that makes use of a dye or fluid penetrant to reveal any surface breaking flaws in forged, cast or welded components. Dye Penetrant Testing can be used on a wide range of components in a variety of industries and is a common testing method.


Ultrasonic Testing:

Ultrasonic Inspection is an NDT service we provide that is used to find internal defects or flaws in welds, castings and forgings. It can also be used to measure material thickness. Ultrasonic Inspection works by sending ultrasonic sound waves into a material and measuring the interactions.

Ultrasonic Testing

Magnetic Particle Inspection:

Magnetic Particle Inspection is an NDT service that is used to detect surface and near-surface flaws in ferromagnetic materials and components. To test for flaws we make use of a powerful magnet to create a magnetic field around the tested component and detect any flaws.


Radiographic Testing:

Radiographic Inspection is an NDT service which is commonly used to detect internal flaws in a wide range of components. Radiographic Testing makes use of X-rays to detect flaws and is used in a variety of industries and sectors. We can digitise the results that can be viewed on your own devices later.


Eddy Current Testing:

Eddy Current Testing is an NDT service that is used to detect surface and near-surface flaws in conductive materials and components. We provide this NDT service to a variety of industries as the equipment is extremely light and compact and is well suited to on-site testing.

Eddy Current

NEW!: Ultrasonic Phased Array Inspection

Phased Array Inspection is an advanced NDT service which is used to find flaws that wouldn’t be detected with conventional testing methods. Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing is used to meet the higher demands of the advanced industries and sectors that we work with.


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