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NDT is vital in an industry like Aerospace where safety and reliability are paramount. Failure of any components can be catastrophic and the Aerospace industry makes extensive use of NDT services.

Automotive & Motorsport

The Automotive sector makes extensive use out of non-destructive testing to ensure that all of the components that are used will withstand the vibration and strain of active use in a vehicle.

Bulk Storage

Our NDT services are often used to test the welding of storage tanks, pipeworks, structures and vessels that are used in bulk storage. Our techniques can also be used to measure material thickness.


Chemicals are used to create a wide range of products and it is vital that they are used and stored safely. That is why NDT is used to test a wide range of components that are used in the Chemical sector.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering projects such as roads and bridges see extensive use and the components used need to be reliable. Non-destructive testing ensures that all civil engineering projects are safe for use.


One of the most common sectors we provide non-destructive testing is construction. Here at Capital NDT, we ensure the strength, integrity and reliability of your construction projects.


Here at Capital NDT, we help to guarantee the safety and reliability of the integral parts and components that are needed to power the world with a range of advanced non-destructive testing services.


The engineering industry faces a unique set of challenges to balance safety, quality, costs, and compliance. Capital NDT helps to ensure that the engineering industry meets these demands.


Here at Capital NDT, our specialised NDT solutions help to manage the reliability and safety of your industrial projects and products. Our qualified technicians work with a range of different industries.

Leisure Industries

Capital NDT works with a range of leisure industries to help guarantee the safety of products and services that see use by the public by testing a range of equipment, such as theme park rides.

Marine & Shipping

Here at Capital NDT, we provide the transportation and shipping industry with the confidence and security that it’s products and services meet all the required safety and quality standards.

Oil & Gas

Our qualified engineers and technicians are often asked to provide testing in the oil and gas industries. This includes welding inspection, material thickness measurements and component testing.

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Capital NDT

Capital NDT is a UK based organisation that specialises in non-destructive testing. We provide non-destructive examinations at both our testing facility and on-site across the UK.

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