Radiographic Testing

Screen, Detect And Analyse Component’s Internal Structure

Radiographic Testing Services

Radiographic Testing, also known as Radiographic Inspection, is one of the most widely used methods of volumetric non-destructive testing that is used to discover internal and subsurface irregularities. The benefit of Radiographic Testing is that it requires minimal surface preparation before testing and leaves a permanent photographic record of testing. We also provide assessment and interpretation of radiographs as part of our Radiographic Testing Service.

The Benefits Of Radiographic Testing

  • Instant results
  • Minimum surface preparation for testing
  • A permanent record of testing
  • UKAS accredited laboratory testing available
  • Included assessment and interpretation of radiographs results

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What Radiographic Testing Is Used For

Radiographic Testing is most commonly used to detect and reveal internal, surface and sub-surface irregularities and flaws in a range of common parts that have been cast, welded or forged, as well as composites.

Radiographic Testing is widely used in a variety of industry sectors including Aerospace, Power Generation, Automotive and Construction.

How Radiographic Testing Works

Radiographic Inspection is a versatile method of non-destructive testing that can be performed in our UKAS accredited laboratory on parts and components of a variety of sizes and shapes. Radiographic Testing makes use of X-rays or gamma rays to penetrate the component being tested. The radiation is passed through the specimen and then captured on radiographic film.

This is done by firing electrons onto a tungsten target inside an X-ray tube which results in ionising radiation, which can then penetrate through various solid materials to inspect for flaws or discontinuities.

When the X-rays pass through the material and are then exposed onto light-sensitive film they produce a radiograph. A radiograph is an internal and external image that can then be inspected by a trained technician to provide results.

Radiographic Film Pins

Laboratory-based Radiographic Testing

We have a UKAS accredited laboratory for Radiographic Testing. At our specialist facility, our technicians are able to test equipment and components of varying sizes and shapes. Our radiographic pens range in capability up to 300kv CP units.

Our highly trained and experienced staff are also able to provide assessment and interpretation of radiographs produced during testing and advise you on the best course of action to take where required.

Radiographic/X-Ray Film Digitisation

Here at Capital NDT, we are at the forefront of technical innovation and strive to make our NDT services as reliable and user-friendly as possible. This has driven us to make a significant investment in our NDT reporting services, enabling us to offer in-house radiographic and X-ray film digitisation. With high capacity, we can now digitize the results of your Radiographic Testing and return them in a format that is most convenient for you.

This new service enables high-resolution viewing of both X-ray film on your computer in a digital format and is used extensively by those who are dependent on high-quality testing results. This new reporting service prevents the ageing of films and makes storing your radiographic testing results much more convenient.

Why Choose Capital NDT?

Our team of NDT Technicians can carry out Radiographic Testing at our UKAS accredited laboratory in our specialist testing facility at Colnbrook. All of our examinations are carried out in accordance with approved techniques and with all recognised radiation health and safety standards.

All of our NDT technicians are all qualified with industry recognised PCN (Personnel Certification in Non-Destructive Testing) in accordance with BS EN ISO 9712. Our testing facility is also accredited by a number of well-known bodies, including ADIPS and UKAS.

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