X-Ray Film Digitisation & Duplication

Digitally Preserve or Duplicate your X-Ray Film

X-Ray Digitisation

X-Ray film is sensitive and requires close attention to its storage in order to ensure it does not spoil. It must remain clearly readable so the data can be professionally inspected in the future. Fortunately, Capital NDT offers X-Ray digitisation and duplication!

Using our Radiograph Digitisation System and a computer we are able to create a copy of your X-Ray that can be uploaded to your computer system for storage or transfer. We are also able to duplicate and print X-Ray films, providing you with an exact reproduction that can be viewed with a traditional lightbox.

The Benefits Of X-Ray Digitisation:

  • Eternal preservation of your X-Rays
  • Store in the cloud or your network for fast transferal/download
  • View in high resolution with no degradation over time
  • Insert into documents or reports for easy referencing
  • Create duplicates of your X-Ray films for viewing with traditional lightboxes
  • No need for additional physical storage or security

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x ray digitisation system

Why Choose X-Ray Digitisation?

X-Ray Digitisation

Our X-Ray Digitisation in Christies Auction Catalogue

You have likely heard terms like digitisation or digitalisation often, we know they are key in achieving a paperless office or for collaboration between disparate teams. However, when it comes to X-Ray film, this technical change offers high resolution viewing of X-Rays without any specialist equipment. With a PC the images can be easily viewed, transferred as a standalone file or inserted into a document for easy reference.

Obviously, there is a lack of requirement for any physical storage or security. The digitised image files are protected on your internal network or within a cloud service saving on costs. You might be concerned about whether they can be returned to a physical format after digitisation. However, using our X-Ray duplication and printing service we are also able to reproduce the digitised files on film so they can be reviewed using a lightbox. Should the occasion arise where physical documentation is required, this can be efficiently managed.

What is the Process?

When you request digitisation as part of your usual Radiographic Testing with us it simply adds another short step. We carry out the X-Ray imaging process as usual and then run the film through our specialist Radiograph Digitisation System, this creates a digital image within the computer ready for transfer.

If you require duplication and printing, simply contact us and provide the details of the project or batch, we will be happy to assist. Single duplications can be turned around very quickly but we will need more notice to print large batches of film.

Why Choose Capital NDT?

Whether you are looking to receive digitisation or duplication as part of your regular radiographic testing package or you have an X-Ray or batch of images requiring reproduction, Capital NDT is happy to assist.

Our NDT technicians are all qualified with industry recognised PCN (Personnel Certification in Non-Destructive Testing) in accordance with BS EN ISO 9712. Our testing facility is also accredited by a number of well-known bodies, including ADIPS and UKAS.

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