The Positives of the ISO 50001

ISO 50001 is the International Standard for Energy Management Systems, and organisations with this certification have demonstrated a commitment to continually improving the way that they manage energy. It ensures that cross-industry organisations meet necessary compliance legislation and comply with Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) UK.

Currently, ISO 50001 is in a transition period, with an approaching deadline of 31st January 2022. Organisations hoping to implement an ISO 50001 energy management system before this deadline might find the prospect daunting, but there are a number of benefits you should be aware of.

Overcoming Energy Inefficiency

The ISO 50001 certification is similar to other ISO management system standards, in that it is not obligatory. However, the certification is an excellent way to show external parties that your organisation has effectively implemented an energy management system.

Many organisations are looking to change the way that they use energy, and this certification can help with that.

The standard is designed to provide an in-depth framework and set of requirements for organisations. With a focus on continually improving energy management, it can also help businesses create policies for more efficient use of energy. The framework can guide them through the use of data, make informed decisions about energy use, and measure the results.

This isn’t the only reason that organisations might consider securing certification in ISO 50001. There are a number of other benefits you’ll receive.

How ISO 50001 Benefits Organisations

Achieve Greater Energy Efficiency

The most obvious goal for organisations implementing an energy management system is to become more energy efficient. It is a huge focus around the world, with many businesses looking to reduce emissions and fuel usage where they can.

Through implementing an energy management system, some organisations had reported energy reductions of up to 10% within 12 months. These organisations used data to find that there was also a significant reduction in their greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.

Deliver Cost Savings Across Businesses

While becoming more energy efficient is great for the environment, it has the added benefit of improving the bottom line. Taxes relating to carbon emissions have increased, and so reducing your carbon footprint can help to cut costs across your organisation.

By introducing a more energy-conscious culture into your business, you’ll also save on energy bills across all areas of operation.

Comply With Environmental Regulations

The ISO 50001 can help organisations achieve compliance in line with various environmental regulations. The framework in place easily guides you through the process to meet requirements and standards for various energy legislation.

One key piece of legislation it helps organisations comply with is the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) UK.

Improve Your Organisation’s Reputation

Taking a step towards sustainability and greater energy efficiency has benefits not only for your business costs but also your reputation.

Actively working towards the ISO 50001 certification will improve your corporate image. It helps to build credibility with your client base and stakeholders, helping to enhance your organisation’s reputation further. It’s an excellent way to build trust and establish yourself as an organisation that truly cares.

Implementing Energy Management Systems

The most recent findings from a recent ISO survey tells us that there has been a 9.7% increase in worldwide ISO 50001 certifications in 2020, with greater numbers expected in the future as ISO 50001 moves towards its 31st January 2022 deadline.

While the idea of implementing an energy management system can seem challenging, the benefits make the process well worth it, and the fact that the certification can be achieved across industries means that your organisation can deliver significant cost savings as well as greater energy efficiency.

The ISO 50001 framework outlines the process and the steps you can take, but it can also help to speak with cross-industry experts. With the right help, you’ll be compliant and certified in no time.

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