NEWS: Introducing Our NEW X-Ray Copying Service!

NEWS: Introducing Our NEW X-Ray Copying Service!

At Capital NDT we have made significant investment into software, a new X-Ray copier and X-Ray film printer. Enabling us to provide a comprehensive professional X-Ray Copying service. This means we can now offer X-Ray digitisation or duplication as part of your regular testing regime or undertake this for your collection of X-Ray film. We provide duplicate hard copies or digital files, preserving your historic X-Ray film forever. Whether a single X-Ray copy or a large batch, Capital NDT assist with fast and efficient turnaround of X-Ray copying projects.

Benefits of our X-Ray Copying Service:

  • Eternal preservation of your X-Rays
  • Store in the cloud or your network for fast transferal/download
  • View in high resolution with no degradation over time
  • Insert into documents or reports for easy referencing
  • Create copies of your X-Ray films for viewing with traditional light boxes
  • No need for additional physical storage or security

Why Choose X-Ray Copying?

X-Ray copying is a service that is utilised by many industries for a number of benefits. Storage and security costs relating to the preservation of historic X-Ray film are saved through digitisation. Furthermore, the digital files created are easily transferred and time is saved in the curation of these for reporting and transfer to your clients. No special software or hardware is required to view these image files. This allows you to display real data to clients or colleagues wherever you have access to a computer. X-Ray copies can even be viewed and disseminated by printing the digital files on regular paper.

Many other industries have use for the copying and reproduction of X-Rays on physical film. Educators and Accreditors have frequent need for duplicate copies of X-Ray film, these new hard copies can be viewed on a light box to assess student skills. These X-Rays need frequent reproduction as a result of their heavy use. After copying we can quickly reproduce X-Ray film from the digitised image files. Anywhere that is required to hold hard copies of their X-Rays can make use of this service to ensure they have high quality images that are easily viewable at all times.

What is the Process?

The process is quick and easy, simply call us with details of your project and we can work with you to effectively schedule and manage this, no matter how large or small the batch. We can receive X-Rays at our lab or can arrange a courier to collect from your premises. These are then ran through our X-Ray copier and one of our expert technicians will then use our computer software to reproduce the X-Ray images in the best format for printing and digital reproduction. This ensures that the image is a perfect copy of your original X-Ray whether reproduced on fresh film or as a computer file for easy distribution. We then print and cut any X-Ray film to its correct size and/or transfer your digital image files.

Contact us to discuss your X-Ray copying project today!

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